Heavy-Duty Vs Lightweight Aprons – Which One Do You Need?

lightweight aprons

Cooking is sure an enjoyable hobby, but it comes with one thing a lot of people detest – mess. Cleaning up the kitchen is no easy task, but ending up with food stains in clothes is one of the main reasons why people wear an apron. Aside from preventing stains from getting into the clothes, aprons also help prevent the … Continue reading

Outdoor Barbecue: Details That Should Influence Your Buying Decision

Outdoor Barbecue

Outdoor barbecues have been present on the market since ever, but it was over the last decade or so when they’ve become more popular. Barbecues are a great way to cook your favourite food while giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Breathing fresh air while feeling the heavenly smell coming from the cooked food is one of the … Continue reading

A Guide to Accessorising Your Land Rover with Towing Mirrors & a Roof Rack

Officially launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948, the series I Land Rover was based on Jeep chassis and components. Although this iconic British car got granted a royal warrant in 1951 by King George VI, the Land Rover company wasn’t founded until 1978. Interestingly enough the first ever Land Rover had it’s steering wheel in the centre and … Continue reading

How Can Outdoor Games Prepare Your Kids for the World

backyard games

When it comes to children play, it’s needless to say that today’s children spend more times in front of tablets and smartphones than outdoors. Gone are the good old days when outdoors was the one and only place where kids have had the chance to spend their free time. In the name of that, these days, more and more psychiatrists … Continue reading

The Benefits of Adhesive Tape & What to Consider When Buying

3M masking tape

Adhesive tapes are slowly replacing fasteners and glues in the manufacturing, construction and many other industries. It’s seen as the more versatile, affordable and efficient alternative. Adhesive tape consists of pressure-sensitive adhesive that’s coated onto a backing material, typically plastic film, paper, cloth or metal foil. Some tapes feature removable release liners that protect the adhesive until removed, whereas others … Continue reading

The Coolest House on the Block: the Pros of Having a Digital Weather Station

digital weather station

Nothing ruins weekend plans like bad weather. Most of the time, we remember to check the local weather predictions before making plans. Other times, we forget to do so and then there are days when the predictions turn out not to be accurate at all. Besides having an effect on our social life, the weather can also interfere with our … Continue reading

The 4 Most Popular Pieces of Recovery Equipment

recovery equipment 4x4

As someone who’s spent over 10 years off the road, I figured I’d talk about the most important 4×4 accessories you can have with you everywhere you go – recovery gear. On my first adventure, I brought nothing, and frankly, I didn’t need anything. Everything went smooth as butter, and I got home with no unforeseen delays and mishaps. On … Continue reading

Outdoor Kitchen Storage Drawers: Usage and Ideas

Building an outdoor kitchen is the best investment you can make. An outdoor kitchen will boost your entertaining area, will increase the value of your home, keeps smells outside, saves on utility bills, expands your living space, improve the taste of healthier food and save money on restaurant meals. Another good thing when building an outdoor kitchen is that you … Continue reading

Scandi Furniture Pieces as Core of the Trend of Simplicity & Material Strength

There are a few key factors that unite the Scandinavian approach to interior design. A number of these actually originate from the typical characteristics of the Nordic environment. Scandinavian countries are known as dark, cold and snow-covered areas, with brief, intense summers full of light. Many of these areas are mountainous and heavily forested. So, it is no wonder that … Continue reading