Grooming Brushes for Your Dog – the Different Types Explained

Your dog’s coat may be the main protagonist in leaving hair all around the flat but if taken good care of, it can actually help keep your furniture hair-free. You can also prevent any tangles and mats and make your doggo look sleek and fresh while also giving him or her the massage of his life. All this with just … Continue reading

Reasons Why Natural Body Scrubs Should Be Part of Your Beauty Routine

Just like with the skin cells in our face, the cells on our body regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. As we get older, that innovation process gets slower. Treating ourselves to a body scrub is a great way to give it a nudge. If you already have the habit to exfoliate your face regularly, you are getting … Continue reading

Sleep Tight: Reasons Bamboo Is the Best Fabric for Pyjamas

Sometimes we focus so much of our energy on choosing the right mattress and bed linen that we simply disregard paying attention to what we wear in bed. More often than not, many of us are guilty of sleeping in sweatpants, yoga tights and washed-out T-shirts covered in holes. So, if you’ve grown ashamed of your habit and are worried … Continue reading

Natural Solutions for Proper Skin Care

Once a clinical experiment for people with special skin needs, today a daily need and solution for everyone – natural skin care products have come a long way. Thanks to the high-tech advances in the implementation of natural ingredients in skin products, natural beauty has its moment in the limelight. Luckily, natural based products are present in the beauty shelves … Continue reading

Sexy Trunks for Men: Designs that Amp Up the Excitement in the Bedroom

I’m sure all women would agree that wearing sexy lingerie or at least a skimpy pair of briefs gives you a certain feeling of confidence and power as opposed to traditional underwear. Regardless whether you’re wearing it under a sweat suit out on the streets or flaunting it in the bedroom, sexy underwear somehow makes you feel good about yourself. … Continue reading