Benefits of Having Adjustable Standing Desks in the Office

How do you feel about working in an office and sitting for most of the time? Even though it might seem like an appealing idea that prompts no tiredness from physical activity during work time, the sedentary position does more harm than good to your body. In fact, sitting for several hours a day in the office poses a huge threat to your health and wellbeing that the combination of symptoms caused by the sedentary working lifestyle has been referred to as sitting disease.

It is unbelievable that standing during work time, even for just 30 minutes at a time a few times a day can have a major impact on your health and body. Fortunately, there are furniture equipment solutions that support this idea and can transform the office into an active workspace. This furniture solution is the adjustable standing desk.

Adjustable Standing Desk

An adjustable standing desk or also known as a sit-stand desk is office equipment that enables you to work standing up in a comfortable position by adjusting the height when you change positions. Incorporating this solution in the office has shown impressive results regarding the benefits it provides for your health and mood well-being. Here is a look at the most important benefits that will surely help you make up your mind to furnish your office with adjustable standing desks.

First of all, it helps fight obesity which is caused by prolonged periods of sitting followed by slowing down your metabolism and accumulating fats. When you stand intermittently during your work hours, you avoid that risk as you become active with your whole body. According to some research, it is proved that you will burn over 170 calories while standing instead of sitting for the same period of time. If you do the math, it is almost 1000 extra burnt calories every week simply from standing each day.

Secondly, having adjustable standing desks in your office can reduce your back pain. Astounding 80% of adults experience back pain during their life and this comes mostly from people who are seated all day. There are many studies conducted on this issue and all the findings show the same results: participants have reported an improvement in lower back pain after several weeks of using sit-stand desks.

Thirdly, transforming the office in an active workspace lowers the risk of heart disease and this concept was first proposed in 1953 when it was found that bus conductors who stood during their whole shift had half the risk of heart disease-related deaths as their bus driver colleagues. Since then, a lot of other research results have shown that the sedentary lifestyle is linked to a 90% increase in the risk of cardiovascular mortality.

Finally, sitting for a prolonged time has been found that it leads to anxiety and depression. By having an adjustable standing desk in the office, you can be more active which will lead to mood improvement and an increase in happiness. There was a research in which 24 participants used the sit-stand desk by an average of 66 minutes a day over a 4 week period and at the end of the research, 87% of the participants felt more comfortable, 87% felt more energized, 66% more productive and 62% happier. When the sit-stand desk was afterwards removed, the participants felt deterioration in mood.