The Benefits and Uses of Inflatable Seat Cushions

Rehab training is essential for anyone who has recently had a surgery, has suffered an injury or deals with back pain due to prolonged sitting. This type of training is intended to help people restore their physical strength to the level it was prior to the surgery or injury. One basic piece of equipment used during rehab training is an inflatable seat cushion, also know as balance cushion and exercise disc. Doctors recommend using this type of cushion not only to people who have had surgery, but also to those who suffer from chronic back pain and other back related problems.

Balance cushions are basically round inflatable devices. One side of the cushion is textured and bumpy, while the other has a smooth, non-slip surface. Primarily used for sitting, the balance cushion is designed to be strong enough for standing on it as well. This means you can use it for doing many different rehab exercises to improve your balance and alleviate back pain.


The feature that makes the inflatable seat cushion ideal for all kinds of back related problems is its unique design that can improve your posture and reduce back pain. The main purpose of this practical rehab device is to turn the simple act of sitting into an active and dynamic activity. Since it’s slightly inflated, it provides an unstable sitting surface, so when you sit on it your body needs to make dynamic movements to restore your balance. This helps strengthen the core muscles that are responsible for providing posture support to your body. Place your cushion on the sofa or your favourite armchair and you can easily do your dynamic exercises while watching TV or reading a book.

But, the uses of balance cushions go beyond the home. With this practical cushion spending long hours sitting at your desk at work no longer has to be an uncomfortable and painful experience. Just place your modern exercise disk on your office chair and enjoy in dynamic sitting that promotes good posture. The flexible seat pad can help you stay in an upright position when doing all kinds of office tasks, whether it be organizing files, writing e-mails or talking on the phone.

Since the purpose of the cushion is to make sitting a dynamic activity for your core muscles, sitting on it for long periods of time might become slightly uncomfortable. Therefore, it would be best to use it for about an hour and then remove it from your chair to take a small break. By adding and removing the seat pad multiple times from your regular chair you will actually provide your body with a sensible dose of dynamic sitting that can effectively strengthen your muscles and provide back pain relief.