The Benefits of Using Cutting Laser Machines

The new technology of machines using a cutting laser to make quality parts out of metal without requiring any kind of work on the finished product. When the laser cuts, it works at a really high power, in turn, the excess metal material vaporises, burns or melts away. The high-pressure gas jet will blow away any kind of debris, which will result in a high quality finished product. There are two types of laser cutting tools in use today, the CO2 and the Nd:YAG laser machines. They cut steel and steel alloys with high precision and high power.

Cutting Laser

These kinds of machines are very different than the traditional mechanical steel cutters. The laser never gets in physical contact with the product you’re cutting, which means there is no wear on the equipment and there are very little opportunities for the product to get contaminated. They are also a lot more precise than the mechanical machines. When you’re cutting mechanically the area which gets affected by heat is larger and causes a lot of material warping. The small heat affected area of the laser machines means there isn’t any material warping, which results in less wasted material and lowered expenses.

There are quite a few benefits to consider when you are looking for a machine for cutting. Besides the already mentioned benefits, a really nice perk is that cutting laser machines are really quiet which is a great thing when you are cutting metal. Safety is a big deal to those who offer you these machines and as a result, most cutting machines are manufactured to be fully enclosed in order to prevent any accidents that may occur. Most machines are connected to touch screen computers so that the design and alterations for prototypes or the runs of large parts can be planned out. The work progresses swiftly because of the equipment speed and the high feed rate. By storing inventory on site, multiple jobs can be cut in just one run.

However, even if cutting laser machines are great at making excellent finished products out of steel and steel alloys, they do have a problem when it comes to cutting metals which are highly reflective, like aluminium and copper. For these kinds of jobs, you would want to get a laser cutting machine with a more powerful laser and a more powerful laser beam. They also consume more energy, which needs to be taken into consideration.