Complete Longboards 101

complete longboards

Longboards are a fun, cheap and eco-friendly way of transport across town. You can also use it to do challenging tricks on various terrains. No matter what’s your main goal when buying your first board, it’s essential to choose the right model. Before you buy complete longboards, be sure to learn a bit more about their construction, and which type … Continue reading

Hunting Gear: How to Choose the Adequate Pieces of Clothing


As any hunting enthusiast knows practice and skills aren’t the only recipes for successful adventures through the wilderness. When you decide to take up this hobby, much like with fishing, the basic preparation includes acquiring the adequate multitools, accessories, weapons, GPS devices, and piling up on food and water supply all nicely packed in a weatherproof backpack.

Everything You Should Know About Waterproofing Sprays


With modern waterproofing, you are now able to march up mountains in gear that is fairly breathable and waterproof. However, this waterproof-ability is a privilege, which must not be taken for granted. There can be situations when you’re walking out with one of your tried-and-true rain jackets and you suddenly notice that your shoulders get too cold and you feel … Continue reading

Outdoor Barbecue: Details That Should Influence Your Buying Decision

Outdoor Barbecue

Outdoor barbecues have been present on the market since ever, but it was over the last decade or so when they’ve become more popular. Barbecues are a great way to cook your favourite food while giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Breathing fresh air while feeling the heavenly smell coming from the cooked food is one of the … Continue reading

Exploring the Different Types of Headlamps & Their Distinct Features

Whether you’re going on a backpacking trip, car camping with friends, or just looking for something in your attic, a hands-free headlamp is an essential tool to have. Chances are, once you use it, it will become your favorite gadget. Think hiking after the sun has set. You’re already carrying a backpack that’s full with your bare necessities, you’re holding … Continue reading

Tips on Buying the Ideal Camping Swag for Your Needs

Camping, in general, isn’t something that will guarantee you the safest and comfiest stay in the wilderness but it sure is the closest experience to mother nature. But if you are interested in something compact and comfortable enough to make you go camping first thing in the morning, you won’t make a mistake going for a camping swag – originally … Continue reading

Determining Soil Compressive Strength Using a Pocket Penetrometer

Farm soil has many hidden factors that can lead to devastating effects, so knowing exactly what your farm’s soil compression level is can help you understand how improve it. A more compact soil can easily reduce crop yields by 10%, it can also lead to water and soil quality degradation because of increased runoff and soil destruction which can further … Continue reading

How to Water Your Garden as Efficiently as Possible

Gardening is a hobby that Aussies are very passionate about, with well tended gardends dotting the landscape of every city in Australia. And there are many ways to irrigate a garden, but the old fashioned way is considered to be the most relaxing and active. But there are some ways to make it more efficient and simpler for those that … Continue reading

How to Create a Stylish and Welcoming Outdoor Space

Outdoor Table

A well designed outdoor space can enhance the aesthetics of any house. It can be a great place for organizing dinner parties for your family and friends or it can serve as a stylish retreat where you can relax and spend some quality ‘me-time’. Although it requires smart planning, creating an elegant outdoor oasis is not as hard as it … Continue reading