Choosing the Better Option: Leather vs Mesh Office Chairs

When it comes to choosing office chairs for your office/s, there is no doubt that comfortability and popularity are the first things you see in a chair. According to many surveys, the two most popular types of office chairs these days are leather and mesh office chairs out of which leather chairs are popular since ever. In fact, they are considered as a traditional type of office chair while mesh chairs are considered as modern and more ergonomic. Let’s see what’s behind the psychology of these two types of chairs and see which is a better choice.

Leather Office Chair


One of the main and deciding factor when it comes to choosing between mesh and leather office chairs is the comfortability. Although it is considered that leather chairs are more comfortable, nowadays mesh chairs are available in a range of designs and support systems that make it equal or better than leather chairs. What’s more, back then, leather office chairs have might be considered as more comfortable, but it has been proven that during warmer weather they are a real ‘nightmare’ since you will start sweating the minute you sit on them. When it comes to the colour both of them are available in many, so for example, buying a white mesh office chair won’t be a problem at all.

Back Support

According to many studies, mesh chairs are ergonomic as they offer better back support than leather ones. They have a more refined design that is great for you back, offering great back support, while giving you a more comfortable experience.

White Mesh Office Chair

Maintenance & Durability

Although leather office chairs are easier to maintain, mesh chairs are more lightweight, easier to move around and to maintain as well. All you need is to vacuum them with a vacuum cleaner and that’s it, and in case of stains use warm water and soap. Simple as that. When it comes to the colour, white mesh office chair would be easier to clean than a white leather chair, as white leather is harder to clean while easier to get dirty. On the other hand, leather is prone to cracks and peels while mesh can lose its form, which means that both of them have similar durability properties.


Gone are the days when leather chairs were considered as the most appealing ones as nowadays we have mesh chairs. They are way more appealing, modern, comfortable, and more importantly, more ergonomic. So, if you are searching for something modern and new, mesh office chairs are the ones, and if not, opt for leather ones.