Choosing the First Electric Guitar for Your Kid

Buying the first guitar for your kid is not a simple task. It is certainly easier to buy one for an adult guitar player than one for a beginner. This is because adults can handle any model and size of guitars which is not the case with the kids. The main dilemma is should you get an acoustic or electric one. There are people who are adamant about choosing a type stating the advantages of each type, however, the fact that electric guitars are potentially easier for beginners is justified due to the many benefits it provides. Therefore, there are several things you need to pay attention so you can choose the perfect model for your little one.

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So, the first thing to figure out is the size. The regular size of the guitar might not be suitable for a child to play and if the child is not comfortable while playing, they will feel frustrated. An important factor in choosing the size is the kid’s age. There are general guidelines¬†you can follow and they can give you an idea what size is best according to the age.

Furthermore, the action is also an important factor. If the child is having a harder time pressing down on strings and getting clear notes, they won’t be able to start with a good intonation which can produce a sound not pleasant to the ears. Therefore, you should consider models that have improved action or whose action can be set up. If you look closely to the matter of choosing the action, strings are, in fact, what is needed to be chosen carefully. Heavy, gauge strings might be a bit too much for a kid, or super light gauge strings might cut the fingertips of the kid. So, a good choice can be strings with medium gauge. Once they start off successfully, you can tune the thickness of the strings a lot easier.

If your kid shows preference towards electric guitars, it is good to know its features before choosing one. The strings of electric guitars are lighter and the neck is a bit thinner which is great for beginners who aren’t used to fretting chords. Thus, picking the right model from the kids electric guitars for sale will render the possibility of removing one of the barriers for a beginner with its sleek design. However, you should make sure it is a quality design though because a cheap trunk of wood with strings can be as frustrating as picking the wrong model.

Furthermore, electric guitars are much louder than the acoustic guitars but they have a feature that enables playing much more quietly. That is the volume knob. Also, beginner models may come with headphone jacks that will let your kid practice in quiet. Additionally, with kids electric guitars for sale, there are a lot of choices regarding sounds. It is an instrument that inspires with the array of different sounds and effects.

Finally, there is a wider range of musical choices your kid can choose from when playing an electric guitar. This includes playing from classical music to heavy metal to hard rock. It can be said that, without a question, the electric guitar gives the freedom to explore different sounds better.