Convenience at Its Finest – the Different Uses of Kitchen Bar Stools

Aside from living and dining rooms, kitchens are maybe one of the most important room of a home as this is the place where food is made. It is the place where people tend to gather, especially during breakfast and lunch time, thus arranging it the right way is fundamental.

Kitchen islands, breakfast nooks and high counters are among the most popular decor trends recently, and according to interior designers and architects, pieces, in particular, are ideal as they are trendy, comfy, and appealing. Except for that, when it comes to choosing kitchen stools modern interior designers say that the modern ones are ideal as they can be mixed and matched with almost anything and can complement any style. What’s more, according to interior designers, these modern kitchen stools can be used in many other places than just your kitchen.

Entrance or Side Table

Yup, that’s right! If you need something to throw your keys when you get home or somewhere to put your glass of water or snacks when lying on your sofa, kitchen stools can do the job. Just place some interesting bowl on it, and your kitchen stool will immediately turn into the most appealing entrance table where you can put your keys or your mail.

Plant Stand

Since modern kitchen stools are simple and minimalist looking, they can act as the perfect plant stand for some of your plants. Since most plants don’t want to be placed on a direct sunlight where the sun shines bright, you can use a modern stool and place it near the window where your plants can still get enough amount of daylight while showing them off.

Bathroom Rack

Those of you who are short on space in the bathroom can take a lot of advantage of kitchen stools. How so? Instead of installing a bathroom rack and blocking the little left free space in your bathroom, using a kitchen stool can save you a lot as it can double as somewhere where to sit when getting ready in the mornings and as a place where you can put your towel or toiletries while taking a shower.

These are just some of the many things about how kitchen stools can be used in other places than just in the kitchen. However, when in the kitchen, kitchen stools can also be used for other purposes, like for example for entertainment with friends (drinking and partying) and for doing homework together with your kid while spending some good quality time with your family at one place. Kids and parents can do homework while parents can still talk about some daily activities or ideas.