How to Create a Soothing Nursery for Your Little One

The decisions that come along with having a baby are endless and often looks difficult. Although you might be overwhelmed by a feeling of becoming a parent, still some things can feel easy and even fun.
If you’re parents with a flair of modern design, and baby pinks and blues aren’t your things, then take a look at these modern nursery furniture ideas for a baby’s room to help you match your style and make you happy. After all, your little bundle of joy deserves it.

Choose the Right Crib

The crib is the most important piece of furniture you should be considering. Though you might be thinking that it’s only a temporary item and not worth the expense, many kids sleep in their cribs for three years or more. Also, if you’re planning of having more children, then sturdy, high-quality crib should be your choice.
A crib isn’t an item where you should watch for vintage, or repurposed crib form your childhood.

Since it’s the place you’ll leave your baby alone, it’s worth the peace of mind to choose a quality baby crib. As safety standards have changed significantly in recent years, baby cribs nowadays have stationary sides, not drop sides, sturdy mattress support and slats are mostly closed together. All of these design updates allow you more great options in materials and details to choose from. Think ahead, and opt for a crib that converts into a sofa/bed by adding specially design cushions.
When it comes to styling, choose modern nursery furniture that matches your home décor and personal style. If you prefer the Scandinavian look, go for simple lines and neutral colour palettes. The Scandinavian look is gaining its popularity among parents as minimalistic scandinavian nursery furniture allows children to explore their own style and redecorate it easily later on.

Crib Bedding

Crib and crib bedding is the showpiece of your nursery, therefore this is a great place to incorporate a theme or build a colour palette for the whole room. Be sure to purchase few good pieces of crib fitted sheets, as you’re gonna need them. Look for bedding that is soft to the touch and 100% cotton to avoid possible baby’s skin irritation. And unless you want to do laundry constantly, you’ll love to have some spare on hand. Crib skirts aren’t really necessary if you choose from more modern crib designs.

Pick the Best Changing Table

There is no way you can skip this piece of designer baby furniture! With babies, come dirty diapers and a lot of clothes changing. For these multiple daily tasks, you gonna need a place where everything will be arranged and close at hand. This is why changing table is a furniture essential.

There are two options of changing tables: freestanding changing table or a changing mat that can be added on top of a dresser. Either will work, the only thing to consider is whether you have enough space for it or not.

If you pick a freestanding changing table, make sure it has a life beyond baby. There are many ideas on how it can be repurposed…from the bookcase, toy storage to even a bar cart!

For limited spaces, changing mat would be a fantastic option. Buy a draw dresser at a comfortable height instead and secure the changing mat on its top.
After a while, when your baby isn’t baby anymore, and there are no diapers to be changed (hooray!) you can remove it and be left with a dresser for your big kid.

Think of Storage

You may have noticed that the tinniest people need the most stuff like diapers, clothes, toys, books, gear etc and it all needs to be placed somewhere. Think of storage as a solution to fit your needs today and tomorrow. Open bin storage is great for blankets and baby’s gear, and can easily be transformed into a toy box later on. Some lower-profile bins provide a quick cleanup and could be tucked under the bed when necessary.

If you’re more of a bookshelves lover, you can go for shelves where you can store all the supplies babies shouldn’t reach: thermometers, nail clips, lotions, etc and organize them into bins or baskets. What’s more, the shelves are great for decorating!

Invest in a Comfy Nursery Chair

This may be the most important investment as you’ll need a comfortable place to sit and nurse your baby. Assume that you gonna spend a lot of time sitting here: while soothing your baby to sleep, feed her, cuddle with her, in short – it will be a place for a lot of parent-baby bonding. Invest in your chair wisely.
You may want to choose a rocking chair or glider. The movement will help soothe you both to sleep. The one with armrests would be ideal for support. Also, make sure the chair back height is appropriate and comfortable for you and your rambunctious toddler. A throw pillow is always a good idea, plus it provides additional lumbar support.


In the end, you’ll need to incorporate all these functional furniture pieces into a loving décor. Start from a theme and overall palette that you’re drawn to, and consider the above ideas to help you visualize the space.
Remember, it’s your home and if it makes you smile and relax then it’s perfect.