Erythritol: The Only Sugar Replacement You Need

I just learned about a sugar alternative last month that I’m totally in love with it. The name of it is erythritol. It contains zero calories, causes no glycemic impact, and unlike other sugar substitutes, it doesn’t wreak havoc in the gut.

But the best thing about erythitol is that it’s a 1 to 1 sugar substitute, in every way. In any recipe that calls for one cup of sugar, you can substitute one cup of erythritol with no problem. And I mean literally any recipe. Erythritol dissolves, bakes, browns and even candies just like sugar. I had some recipes made with this stuff and they were just as candied, crunchy and decadent as the ones made with traditional sugar. But the new versions won’t spike my blood sugar either give me cavities. And there is no after taste at all. You can’t even tell this isn’t real sugar. Seriously, why people are still using other sugar substitutes?


Erythritol is a naturally occurring substance found in fruits, vegetables, cheeses and yogurts and it is usually obtained through a fermentation process. It can be used as a sugar substitute in a wide range of applications including beverages, ice creams, chocolates and chewing gum. It can be also found in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

When I say that my new version recipes won’t cause me cavities is because studies has show that erythritol is a tooth-friendly product and does not contribute to dental problems like sugar does. And because it causes no adverse effect on blood glucose levels, it makes an ideal sweetener for people with diabetes.

One of the biggest problems with most sugar substitutes is that they tend to cause digestive problems. Our bodies don’t have the enzyme necessary to break down sugar alcohols which end up on the intestine where they get fed to bacteria. With erythritol you avoid this issue too. Most of it gets absorbed into the body before it reaches the colon. From the small intestine then, it travels into the bloodstream where it circulates for a while until it is eventually excreted unchanged in the urine.

You will often find erythritol Australia wide blended with other sweeteners. But these are not the products you should be looking for. Look for erythritol Australia retailers that offer 100% erythritol products and that ensure the quality of their products. In order to obtain pure erythritol granules, manufacturers need to blend plant sugar with water and ferment the mix with natural cultures. Next, the product is filtered, crystallized and dried into granules. So when purchasing for this sugar substitute, make sure the product you are getting is derived only from natural sources, such as melons, grapes and other plants and starches. This will ensure you get pure erythritol granules and not some processed sugar substitute.