Big Dilemmas over Little Things: Finding the Soap Dish That Works for Me

Both me and my fiancee love to read the list of ingredients on everything we buy – we kind of love it and other people kind of hate us for that, but we’ve decided it’s going to be one of our endearing quirks (chuckles). However, when it come to shower gels, I was not willing to make the change. My fiance had no problem ditching the gel for natural, handmade soaps and his first reaction to my hesitance was somewhere along the lines of “Well if you think that these bar soaps don’t smell heavenly, you’re wrong!”. It’s not that they don’t smell nice, it’s the mess they make, I confessed bitterly. He just shrugged and said that he’s not going back to shower gels due to all nasty ingredients they put inside, plus, the Lush bar soaps are as eco-frendly as can be, since they come with minimal degradable packaging.

I already had some soap dishes at home, but since I had tried using them in the past, I already knew that they are useless when it comes to keeping things as neat as I want them to be. The issue with them is that they allow the soap to soak in its own filthy water until it dries. What’s even worse is that the soap never really dries because it’s left sitting in gross stagnant water. Then, all you are left with is half-melted mess you can’t even use properly. Determined to find a better way, I hopped on my laptop for a session of investigation and found the option to buy soap dish online that can help bars dry off in a sanitary manner. After considering a few different types, I decided to buy soap dish online store offered made of solid brass construction with chrome plated polished finish. It features a soap basket with drainage and I love the fact that it can be wall mounted.

I also got a stainless steel one, but this one is not the basket type – it is flat. I use the chrome one in the shower and the steel one for the sink. They both look very minimal and sleek which is perfect for my bathroom and I think that the seamless design can suit many different styles. Most importantly, they both work in the sense that they let the bars dry properly everyday which means we can use them right till the end without all that mess that was bound to happen otherwise.