Getting the Right Motorcycle Parts for Your Bike

Your wish came true. You become a proud owner of a brand new motorcycle. Buying a motorcycle is a big decision. It also requires time, money and energy so you can make the right choice. However, just because you bought a brand new motorcycle it does not mean you do not need to buy anything else. Your motorcycle is new now, but not for long. There is a time when your bike will need a repair too, which means you may need to purchase some motorcycle part.

You can take your motorcycle to a mechanic and let him do the whole job for you. But once you buy a bike it is a good idea to get familiar with this machine and its parts and try to repair it on your own. Today buying a motorcycle part┬áis not a hassle since there are so many dealers and online shops that offer all types of motorcycle parts and accessories. All you need to do is to learn something more about this items so you can make the right purchase. Generally, there are three main categories of bike parts, so let’s take a look at them a bit closely.


OEM Parts

This acronym stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means the part is manufactured by the same brand as the motorcycle. For example, Honda part for bikes is made by Honda. Buying OEM part means you are buying a completely exact replacement for the part you need. Purchasing OEM motorcycle parts has its own pros and cons. The advantage is that there is no doubt that the parts will fit perfectly to your bike. They are more reliable and last longer but are more expensive than other options. Also, maybe you will have a problem to find some since they are usually sold by the motorcycle’s dealer.

Aftermarket Parts

Opposite than OEM parts which are made by the original manufacturer, aftermarket parts are made by a third party. A third party is not connected with the original manufacturer by it does use the same specifications in order to produce parts that will fit the motorcycles. These parts are durable and less expensive than OEM. They are also widely available so you will not have a problem to find them. And here where comes the problem. Because there are a lot of third party companies out there, it can be tricky to know which one to trust.

Used Parts

Motorcycle parts and accessories can be very expensive. Many times people cannot afford to buy what they need. In this case, some people find used motorcycle parts as their best option. Used parts refer to original equipment manufacturer that have taken from the motorcycle that is not longer in use or they also may be aftermarket parts. Without a doubt, there are the most cost effective option available.