Headwear Trends Winter 2016

If you are a type of person who loves to buy different accessories including hats, then it’s the right time for you to add some uniquely designed hats in your buying cart and to be ready for the upcoming winter season. For that matter, join us on a tour that we named it ”Going on a hat hunt” and arm yourself with some trendy hats for a complete look of your whole outfit that will make you fell attractive when walking down the streets.

Our first destination is:

French Berets – Always Trendy And Attractive

French berets - always trendy and attractive Taylor Swift

These simple yet unique hats are also known as artist berets and are worn not only by Parisian women but also by women all around the world who are retro souls and who are in love with art. They match with almost every outfit from classical coats to tartan wraps because they are casual and come in an endless number of colours. It does not matter if you have a long or short hairstyle, or a round or square face shape, what matters is this type of hat looks great on every woman and you won’t make a mistake if you opt for French berets because they are never-out-of-fashion.

Knitted Hats Are Our Next Stop

Knitted hats are our next stop Taylor Swift

When talking about which headwear are going to be trendy for the upcoming winter season then, without a doubt, a woven hat is definitely a must have accessory that you can either buy it from reputable online stores or if you have enough patience, you can make one by yourself. The woven hat is an ideal solution if you want to keep your ears nice and warm during the cold winter days, and the options of styles and colours you can purchase from may vary from very bright to darker knitted hats. This type of headwear can create a perfect touch to your perfect winter look that is why it is great to have a couple of them in your wardrobe.

Fur Hats For The Cold Season of Winter

Brimmed hats ladies

Fur hats are an attention-grabbing option that is never-out-of-fashion. They are very stylish and come in a variety of designs. The most popular fur hats are made of rabbit, raccoon and fox furs and are warm and comfortable to wear at the same time. If you feel like you want to wear something fluffy on your head then one of those hats must find its way to your closet.

Brimmed Hats Are Becoming Trendy Nowadays

Brimmed Hats Are Becoming Trendy Nowadays

Brimmed hats are trendy nowadays and they appear in a multitude of colours and sizes. You can keep the cold at bay and the sun away with medium sized brimmed hats that come with many different hat bands, and if you want to complete your classical and glamorous look then, without a doubt, you have to purchase an oversized version of brimmed hats with fun additions of materials like tulle for example, or other interesting details like feathers or ribbons.