Hunting Gear: How to Choose the Adequate Pieces of Clothing

As any hunting enthusiast knows practice and skills aren’t the only recipes for successful adventures through the wilderness. When you decide to take up this hobby, much like with fishing, the basic preparation includes acquiring the adequate multitools, accessories, weapons, GPS devices, and piling up on food and water supply all nicely packed in a weatherproof backpack.

And of course, perhaps most importantly, you can’t overlook shopping for the ideal bits and pieces of clothing – starting from the practical shirts for hunting, to the jackets and pants, as well as footwear to withstand the conditions. While you might decide not to invest in such gear, and you think you’d save up by using some of your casual clothes, truth is this type of clothing is designed for a purpose and can help you out with advancing in your hobby.

Besides protecting you from the weather, be that sun, rain, wind or snow, as you can choose the pieces accordingly to the temperature and the layering required, it’s also created to assist you with blending in with the surroundings. Not surprisingly, you’re going to come across all sorts of patterns and colours that you can choose depending on the location you’re hunting at.

shirts for hunting

Shopping for the Hunting Clothes


Since there’s such a vast assortment of options in the specialised hunting shops, besides basics like brands and prices, it’s advisable to consider the following aspects to make the most of your shopping experience and choose something that would serve you well.

shirts for hunting waterproofing

Weather and waterproofing

Comfort is one of the first things you should focus on when purchasing items like shirts for hunting, outer layers like pants and jackets. You’d be able to take care of it if you shop based on the climate.

Hunting in the cold periods of the year means you’d have to acquire layers of thermal clothing to keep you warm and protect you from freezing, so the importance falls on waterproofing and windproofing properties. All of this applies to the shoes as well, and you shouldn’t avoid investing in quality like leather.

When hunting in summer, you’d be able to stand the harsh conditions by wearing something lightweight that would double up in protecting you from the UV rays. Moreover, quality hunting clothes that are weather-appropriate would protect you from sweat too which leads us to the next property you’d have to pay attention to. This is particularly helpful when you have to do all the layering to protect you from the cold.

Hunting Fabric and Design

Fabric and Design

What separates hunting apparel from your typical outfits is the fact they’re created for your utmost comfort. Outstanding pieces such as those made up of synthetic materials in the example of polyester and polypropylene, as well as natural merino wool alternatives treat you to beneficial properties in the likes of breathability, quick drying, and odour-neutralisation which isn’t the case with your usual cotton choices.

In other words, your primary concern should be finding the hunting shirts, pants and jackets in suitable fabrics that would help you make of the adventure the best one possible, and not be the reason you end up the hunt sooner than expected because of all the discomfort. As for the design, it’s advisable to consider handy features such as compartments, pockets, zippers, collars and cuffs – in short, anything that’s easy to put on and use, and offers the needed level of protection as well as storage for your essentials like ammo, tools and gadgets.

Pattern and Blaze Orange

Pattern and Blaze Orange

Blending in with the surroundings is something that can help you make your way through terrains and get closer to your prey without being spotted, which is why you require the suitable clothing patterns. Same way patterns can assist you with camouflage, they can give you away, so you ought to find out as much as you can about the location where you intend to hunt and then look for the adequate patterns before heading out on the adventures.

In addition to considering the region, the season when you choose to hunt might also have a say in the appropriate pattern given that snowy weather would require you to choose snow camo instead of anything brown or green. Besides having these two in mind, don’t forget to lastly give the animal some thought too since some species see certain colours others don’t. This would give you info on whether or not you’d also have to keep your discretion relying on scent control masking certain smells to make your presence unknown.

As for your personal safety, it’s necessary to do your research and find out if the location where you’d be hunting has some blaze orange requirement. To be on the safe side from any accidents, as they tend to happen at times, even if there’s no law on the matter, you’d be better off wearing blaze orange on your shirts for hunting, or include it in other parts of your gear, such as the accessories or the jacket.