Planters Buying Considerations, Care and Selection

Besides designing the home, more and more homeowners are doing their best to transform their outdoor space into a more pleasing one by implementing a lot of different things. Besides fountains, fancy furniture pieces, umbrellas and lounge chairs, planters are a must have for sprucing up the look of an outdoor space. Be it metal, plastic or wooden, green, blue, red, yellow or white planters for sale, they can all contribute to a more appealing look. But with the lots of types and material of planters, how to choose the right one? Well, the thick plastic white planters for sale are surely the perfect option you have as white is the best colour to repel heat from the sun. In order to help you, we’ve put together this guide that will help you make the right choice.

self watering mobile planters

Find The Right Size

Besides finding the right size of the planter for the place where you are planning to place the planter, a good size planter also means choosing the size that can hold up the needed soil for growing a healthy plant. When it comes to this, the best option we have today are the self-watering planters, as they are available in different sizes, and are perfect for growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. Just make sure you choose white ones as they will help you grow healthy plants.

Consider The Material

Planters made from metal and wood are considered as the sturdiest, however, today we can easily rely on plastic, especially the thick one from which are made the modern self-watering planters. They are an innovative and modern solution that will bring together function and form. Designed to suit urban environments, the self-watering planters are perfect for a range of spaces including balconies, decks, patios, gardens and courtyards. What’s left is to choose the perfect size, plant the seeds, water from time to time and see your plants, fruits and veggies thrive in a healthy soil.

Choose The Right Style

Choosing the right type of planter depends on several factors, but mainly on the style and material. For example, if you are all into the rustic style, there are lots of antique planters/pots that will enhance the look of your garden. However, if you plan to leave the planters during the season, choose a material that will not crack easily. Or, if you are unable to water your plants frequently, you may want to go online and look through the amazing range of self-watering white planters for sale as they are perfect for any season.

Care And Maintenance

Caring for your planters means caring for both their look and the plants. The best way to make your plants thrive healthily is to water and fertilize them frequently. Keep in mind to fertilize the plants according to their requirements.

Extra Tip: Use only purchased soil mixes because these mixes are specially formulated for containers, meaning they don’t contain diseases. You should also make sure the planters have drained holes to avoid over watering.