Reasons Why a Tree Should Be Cut and Removed

Trees are the lungs of the planet. They give us oxygen and clear the air pollution. They can be a symbol of a time, a place or an event from the past, and they can be protected by the law. That is why it is always sad when a tree has to be removed, as it is not only a practical decision but an emotional one as well. However, making the decision of cutting and removing a tree is a complex one and cannot be done by a regular person as it takes a careful planning and preparation.

A tree removal company is the one that decides whether or not a tree should be removed and the tree surgeons make a plan on how to carry out the task. They will first assess the situation and after it is certain that the tree should be removed, next they carry out a risk assessment and tree removal plan, remove the tree, tidy up the mess and remove all the debris from the site and then do the paperwork required by the local government. When it comes to the reasons for cutting and removing trees, let’s take a look at the most common ones.


Trees That Are Dead

When a tree’s life comes to an end, it can’t be done anything else except take it down. In this case, removal is the obvious thing to do, because a dead tree will slowly lose its strength and may become a problem as it will lose its ability to stand strong against storms or any assaults of extra weight. Hence, its branches can be broken off by snow, ice and winds and this can cause huge damage to the neighbourhood including cars, houses and even people. They are a potential liability, thus a tree cutting removal process must be done as soon as possible.

Trees with Diseases

Another reason to cut off and remove a tree is if it is infected. Sometimes the disease is not obvious and by the time it is certain that the tree is infected, irreversible damage can happen. The trees become ill when pests attack it, so if there are early symptoms, it is essential to have the tree evaluated so it can be treated as soon as possible. In these cases, there is often a tree cutting removal task carried out because in this way you can stop the tree from spreading the disease to other trees.

Trees That Are Damaged

A perfectly healthy tree can become damaged overnight. The reason – severe thunderstorm. Winter storms and alike weather have the potential to harm the trees to an unavoidable extent of the damage. Also, a lightning strike can kill a tree but it may take more than a year to show the extent of the damage. In addition, animals can damage a tree or a vehicle. Again, a tree removal company should be the one to evaluate the situation and make a decision if a removal is going to happen.

Trees That Are a Nuisance

Sometimes a tree may drop annoying seeds or fruit, it may be likely to break and if you might want it relocated or prefer to take it down because you wish to use the area for something else. In this case, the decision of taking down the tree is elective and a personal one. However, if a tree is protected by law, you are not entitled to make such a decision.