Self Watering Planter: A Gift Idea Downs on an Avid Gardener

I personally love flowers. I love them so much that I have them in almost any corner of my home. My outdoor area just blooms in any colour creating a beautiful atmosphere to relax. I love them because of their colour, fragrance, patterns and because they really make me feel better. According to some studies women who received flowers instantly change their mood and become happier. I don’t know is it just because I really love flowers, but I actually believe in this. Flowers are not just mood boosters. Having a fresh-cut bouquet in the house will help you decrease anxiety. And to be honest we all need such therapy today with this busy and stressful life style.

modern self watering planters

Just because I love to grown flowers I had an idea in mind that other people enjoy this activity too. So I often gave flowers to my friends and family as a gift. One day while I was sitting in my friend’s house drinking coffee and having a nice talk, I note that all the flowers I gave to her are barely alive. I know that she likes flowers too, (okay maybe not as much as I do) but the problem for their bed condition was something else. She never had the time to take care of them. I have never note this detail, and that is certainly my fault. How I was giving flowers all these years to someone who barely had time to water them? I suddenly felt guilty, so I’ve decided to do something so I can make an excuse.

I’ve made an online research and suddenly there was an idea coming to my mind. A type of planters just drags my all attention. They were simply labelled as modern self watering planters. There are known as one of the most popular types of planters available today so I start feeling curious what is hiding behind their popularity. When I continue with my research I’ve made a clue. This modern self watering planters are just what my friend needs and here is why.

Their name says all. They are self watering. This means they have a built-in reservoir that requires only occasionally filling. Once you fill the reservoir with water, you can be free of watering your plants for week or two. A great feature for busy people who besides their busy schedule still want to enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers in their home.

Another benefit of these planters is their versatility. They can be used not just for growing flowers, but for a wide range of herbs, fruits and vegetables as well. Their modern design is suitable for both, indoor or outdoor. So no matter you want to beautify your deck, patio, balcony or your living room these planters are a great addition to all of these spaces. You can beautify your office or a restaurant as well. They are not just for residential use but for commercial too. Designed to stand alone or to be interconnected with additional modules these simple planters are made to suit any individual requirements of both space and budget.

When I read all these and more other things about modern self watering planters I note that they are giving the gardening a whole new meaning, making it easy and enjoyable project while saving you a lot of time. They are really value for money. I didn’t doubt even for a second. I’ve made my purchase. This planter is what my friend really needs and deserves so she can finally start feeling happy with all the flowers I gave to her these past few years.