Sexy Trunks for Men: Designs that Amp Up the Excitement in the Bedroom

I’m sure all women would agree that wearing sexy lingerie or at least a skimpy pair of briefs gives you a certain feeling of confidence and power as opposed to traditional underwear. Regardless whether you’re wearing it under a sweat suit out on the streets or flaunting it in the bedroom, sexy underwear somehow makes you feel good about yourself. From thongs to Brazillian panties, lace, vinyl and silk – there’s a plethora of sexy women’s underwear to choose from. Too bad men can’t take part in this guilty pleasure too, right?

Well, the can, actually. Because sexy trunks for men are also a thing. Even if they aren’t as publicly popular. I know tight trunks are a design that can be sexy on its own as they can make your “package” look bigger. But when you additionally spice things up with some raunchy touches, they can generate quite the steam in the bedroom.

Selecting sexy underwear for men isn’t as hard as it seems. Just start by trying out some sexy trunks for men with a more simplistic design but in a more seductive material and see how it goes from there. Vinyl, in particular, is a material that tends to mould around every curve, which can put extra emphasis on your package. What’s more, the tight feeling it generates can amp up the sensual experience for you. But despite being tight, this material is a more comfortable choice as opposed to leather if you and your partner are into BDSM.

If you want to give your partner an eye-full, another material you might want to try out is translucent mesh. You can also try a combination of vinyl and mesh to draw more interest in some parts of your body and at the same time hide others. But even cotton can be sexy as long as you choose a more daring design. Is your partner into sexy soldiers? Well, there’s always sexy trunks in camouflage print to choose from. Or perhaps you’d love to try on some leopard trunks to bring out the best in you? With the wide range in colours and designs, there are almost as many sexy trunks for men to choose from as there are for women.

And finally, don’t forget the details. You know what they say – The devil is in the details? Well, the addition of unexpected touches can truly make the regular design of trunks hotter. Like for instance, a strategically placed zipper that can give your partner instant access to the treat. And if you’re feeling extra playful, you may consider a pouch with some raunchy words to break the ice or in a funny design like for instance a fire hose. Just think about it, the bedroom is the place you’re free to go wild and wear whatever you like.