Skirt and Crop Top Outfits That Will Always Be Trendy

Skirt and crop top outfits are becoming a summer staple, and here we break down the perfect outfits with these two clothing pieces and when and where to wear them.
Skirts and crop tops go together like butter and toast, like peanut butter and jelly, like… You get the point! These two pieces were made to be worn together, but did you know that there is more to this whole skirt and crop top outfits thing. Crop tops are a basic, they are either sleeveless or with sleeves (short, long) and there isn’t anything that we can do to change them, except for out skirt choice. Skirts come in all shapes and sizes these days, and different types of skirts can give a different vibe and are appropriate for different occasions. Let’s break down the 4 types of skirts you can wear with crop tops with the guarantee that you will look extra trendy in them.

Skirt and crop top outfits

First up is the most basic skirt of them all – the skater skirt. Skirts like these can flatter any body type as they can accentuate the waist. Skater skirts are casual and fun, they bring the flounce and bounce to your walk. When paired with a crop top you have the perfect day time summer outfit.

Skirt and crop top outfits 1

The maxi skirt Is the perfect summer piece, giving casual and bohemian vibes to any outfit. In addition to that, they are super feminine and when worn with heeled sandals they can elongate the legs tremendously. When worn with crop tops, these skirts are perfect for an outfit that is meant to be appropriate for both daytime and nighttime activities aka the best transition outfit out there.

Skirt and crop top outfits 1

Full midi skirts are such a feminine piece of clothing. They shine with elegance and combined with a crop top, they are the perfect choice for a dressy occasion like a graduation party or a wedding. Let your inner modern day dutchess shine through with this skirt and crop top outfit.

Last but not least is the sexy pencil skirt, and when worn with a crop top it becomes the perfect going out outfit. It’s perfect for both fancy dinners and going clubbing afterwards. Pencil skirt and crop top outfits will never stop being trendy, these two pieces were basically made to be worn together.

And just like that you have 4 crop top and skirt outfits that are basically everything you will need for every occasion this upcoming summer. From going to get some ice cream with your friends, to a fancy wedding, skirt and crop top combos are a no brainer and will leave a long lasting impression that you put so much thought into your outfit, when In fact it took only minutes.