Small Spaces Gardening Ideas

You have always wanted to start a gardening project but you have always been limited with space. We know that not all houses have huge gardens, but this does not mean you can not try your skills at growing vegetables. This can be done in few different ways all suitable for small gardens and spaces. You will have a lot of fun time and the end result will be a fresh and organic vegetable on your table. What is better than that? We hope you will find helpful these few easy small space gardening ideas that are worth to try.

Small Space Gardening

Go Vertical – For this project do not need any frees pace, your house itself is just enough. This way you can save a lot of valuable space and is visually pleasing to the eye. You can plant different herbs and let them grow in the containers placed on the wall of your home. They will beautify the space while giving you a chance to enjoy gardening. You can also make this in your balcony without blocking the seating area.

Square Foot Gardening – The main idea here is to plant different herbs in a small amount of space. Maybe you will need to spend some extra money to build the wooden construction and fill it with soil, but nothing can compare with the prize of eating organic vegetables. You can find a lot of information about square food gardening online so you will not have any problem to start. Even if you decide to not realize this idea, a raised garden has its benefits: you will have easy access to your plants, there will be no wasted space and it will prevent grass from growing in your garden space.

Container Gardening – This is another great idea that does not require much space. For beginning, be aware of your available space and according to this choose how much containers will fit in that space. You probably do not want to block the area or to use too many containers while having a lot of free space around used for nothing. What is good about growing food in containers is that they are portable so you can move them around as needed.

Inside Gardening – If you do not have any outdoor space to plant your herbs, then there is probably something inside. Find some good place on the inside of your home and use small pots to plant different types of herbs. This way you can have easy access to all of your herbs while they will make a beautiful display in your home.

Window Boxes – Windows in your home may be the perfect place for growing herbs. You can buy some eye-catching pots and plant them with lettuce or any other vegetable you want. Just think about the convince of harvesting lettuce on your window and always having a fresh salad on your table? Sounds great, right?

Before even choose which of these small spaces gardening ideas is right for your, decide which type of vegetable you want to plant. Consider where do you want to start gardening, how much sunlight does space have, what pot or box will be the most suitable for your type of vegetables, what season is, etc?