Steps to Creating a Trendy Industrial Dining Room

The dining room is probably the most used living space in any home. But when it comes to decor, it can often lack a little excitement. The industrial design can be perfect for adding a sophisticated yet edgy twist to your dining room.

industrial dining room

Named after its original purpose to support the manufacturing industry that started back in late 1700, the industrial architecture was designed with one idea in mind – to be simple, practical, easy to mass-produce and withstand hard conditions. A few centuries later, the same still applies, but it only recently became iconic and stylish.

Nowadays industrial style is popular in many more living places. And there’s no questioning why so many people have fallen in love with it. It allows us the freedom to embrace antique beauty while still enjoying modern conveniences. And although an industrial space has a raw, utilitarian aesthetic, rather than appearing harsh, it displays sophistication and warmth. So if you too have been wondering how to introduce a touch of industrial style into your dining room there are basically a few step you can follow.

One of the first things that you can notice when looking at industrial-inspired homes is that there aren’t bold colours. Instead, the industrial design relies on a more neutral palette. Warm earth-toned neutrals like browns, greys, creamy shades and simple wood colours are used to soften the industrial edge. They can bring the much needed visual warmth in the dining room and make one looks more welcoming.

industrial style dining furniture

Since the industrial spaces are all about mixing the old and the new, one of the simplest way to achieve this in your dining room is to mix together wood and metal. You can start by mixing simple contemporary chairs and a minimalist wooden table. Wood adds warmth and texture while metal, on the other hand, is sleek and modern. But when shopping for industrial style dining furniture there is a specific look that you would want to go after. Stay away from a dining table that looks brand new and instead, concentrate more on one that looks like it has a history and therefore has a weathered look. A timber made dining table with metal legs and a wooden surface makes for a perfect piece of industrial style dining furniture that can easily offer the design direction for the entire ambience.

And finally, adding in some industrial accessories can further emulate some of the industrial decor into your dining room. Small things like repurposed lighting fixtures, wall art, metal accents like parts from factory machines, distressed leather items, and vintage photographs would all work well. You can also add large metal accessories such as large metal wall clock or mirror on the wall.