Experience The Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley Wine

Surrounding Yarra River and placed about 90 kilometers from Melbourne, Yarra Valley wine region has about 80 cellar doors, and a very well developed tourism, especially enotourism. The valley is perfect for a gateway to recharge batteries and enjoy some amazing natural scenery. The Yarra Valley wine region is vast, and has massive trees, rivers and blue ranges, all combined … Continue reading

The History of Geelong Wines

Geelong is “comeback kid” wine region in Australia. According to local belief, David Pattavel was the first Swiss settlers of Geelong to plant a vineyard in Victoria, Australia, during the year 1845. Many of the expatriates followed this countryman’s suit, and wine industry in Geelong was born. As Melbourne was drawing attention for more and more residents, Geelong became a … Continue reading