The Importance Of Having A Family Meal At A Dining Table

Sitting with your family at the dining table and eating a meal together at least once a day is very important. During the work days, everyone has a lot of responsibilities that takes a lot of time and effort, so to sit down with your family at a dining table and be right on time for everything can be really tough sometimes.


There are many researches about this matter, and almost every one of them is showing that being with your loved ones at least 5 times per week can be really beneficial. For example, if you have kids around you, they can learn more about the good food, the key nutrients and they might start love eating vegetables. Speaking of kids, they can actually try new home made meals and can experience new tastes.

Also, by having a family meal at the dining table and not spending half of your monthly earned money eating outside, you can actually control the portions that the kids will eat. There are many other researches showing that having a family meal at the dining table can increase their family values and can lower their chances to smoke, do drugs and drink alcohol by more than 40% when they hit puberty.

Eating outside your home can cost you at least three times more than eating at home, so besides saving a little bit of money, many researchers say that having a dinner with your family can also relieve stress by 60% and it will help you calm down, share a laugh and have a good quality family time.