The Process Behind Abstract Paintings

Abstraction demonstrates an escape from reality in depiction of imagery in art. Abstract art employs a visual style of form and colour to build a structure which may have its own existence from all the other references in the world. After the years of the renaissance, western art started to attempt producing an illusion of visual reality. Arts that came from non-European countries had become expressed in different ways, and were more in touch of reality in their creations.

Modern Art comes in different styles like there are different artists. With this type of art, every picture is perceived individually by everybody and understood in a unique way. Artists draw inspiration from everything, but generally it comes from colours, emotions and music. When you plan to buy abstract prints for sale online or in a retail shop do not choose the ones that people say are the most beautiful or cool, make it personal.
abstract-printsImagine if you get inspiration from the rhythm and tempo of the music. All the pictures will feel like ocean of music and your mind is flowing into balance of light and darkness. When you created an abstract painting there are three main elements that are the base of all creation: shapes, forms and colours.

Lines are also used in abstract and create multiple patterns in abstract art. It can be geometrical, or any form you can imagine it. There can circles inside of circles, at the end of the day it is considered part of abstract art, that have subliminal messages and create another dimension in your mind.

The choice of colours is an crucial chunk of the process of creating art. It is always colour aimed harmony. Colour generally creates balance and engages the viewer by creating a sense of order. For some artists, including art lovers, the most significant problem in art is that it builds up spectre of emotions. Either way, positive or negative, every art express its soul and colours the aspect of your current mood. A lot of artists try surprise viewers by playing with colours to break the usual monotony in art. But most of them prefer their masterpiece to be comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

In the end, creating abstract art becomes more simpler – the more you find yourself in it, the colours you use, lines, it is all about you, you and you. If you do not buy abstract prints for sale online and want to create one yourself, even if you are not an artists you can play around with your imagination and maybe create masterpiece. There is always a chance, always!