Things You Should Find in Your Protein Bar

Protein bars are a wonderful source of energy especially when you are in a hurry and when you need something to snack during your pause at work or while you are in a gym between the breaks of your everyday workouts. But there are some things you should know when buying a whole package of bars or when you want to take one from your local store on your way to the gym.

For that reason, we provided a list of some key factors you should look for in a protein bar that you will find absolutely delicious and include it in your daily diet.

  • Total calorie count is the most important factor when buying this healthy snack
    We all know how difficult it is to lose the extra kilograms, so if you want to make the best of your fat loss diet you have to pay attention to your overall calories intake. If you want to snack something healthy in between your breaks then consider buying protein bar that contain at least 150 calories or less. Why is that so? Well, let’s say that your diet allows you to have a total of 1200 calories per day so, instead of eating a high-calorie bar nourish your body with a healthy meal of fish with half a cup of rice and a variety of steamed vegetables.But on the flip side, if your goal is to build your muscle mass then a bar that contains up to 400 calories in one piece will work just fine in between your workouts and lifting sessions. To summarize, depending on what you want to accomplish, the options are many and you can choose between a bar with a mere 70 calories to massive 484 calories.
  • Type of protein
    What type of protein should you look in a bar? The best are the ones that contain a high amount of a whey protein in them because this protein is easy for the body to process. It has all the essential amino acids that can help you boost energy and build the muscle mass. But the market is full of other options as well, there are so many bars to choose from that contain a blend of different proteins providing your body with various amino acids.
  • Pay attention to amount of carbohydrates and sugar
    These healthy snacks as they are commonly known, can contain a high amount of sugar which can be unhealthy especially if you are on a fat loss diet. So, when buying one consider the protein content to be higher than the sugar content, which means there should be not more than 15 grams of sugar in one piece.
  • Preservative free
    Unfortunately, nowadays it is almost impossible to find products that are preservative free. When buying bars take into consideration this important factor; buy bars that are free of preservatives and that don’t contain any artificial ingredients in them.
  • Proteins to carbohydrates ratio
    The last thing that each should check out is the proteins to carbs ratio of the bar. For a fat loss 2:1 ratio of protein to carbs is the ideal option, and if you are looking to build muscle and want to snack after a workout, then a 1:2 ratio is to be considered.