Tips on Buying the Ideal Camping Swag for Your Needs

Camping, in general, isn’t something that will guarantee you the safest and comfiest stay in the wilderness but it sure is the closest experience to mother nature. But if you are interested in something compact and comfortable enough to make you go camping first thing in the morning, you won’t make a mistake going for a camping swag – originally a sleeping pod with some flaps as protection for the head. But as claustrophobic as they may sound, if you know what you are looking for then you’ll surely be able to get the right one. Here are some tips to help you with that.


Swags are usually made out of canvas, so it is important that you know how to take care of the material in order for it to take care of you. Although you can get swag with a heavy-duty canvas, you won’t be able to fold it as easily because it will be heavier than usual, making it less compact. Most of today’s camping swags have hoops that can hold the canvas in a way that will let the water run off. Do check the quality of the mattress and the insect screens, as the former needs to be comfortable enough and also provide good insulation from the ground. You can always get a separate mattress if you don’t like the look and feel of the one included.


You should pay attention to these 3 features the most: ventilation, the zipper and the base of the swag. A quality zipper will be properly sewn and equally stitched into the canvas hem, without getting easily jammed or eating up a piece of the canvas while you are sliding it up and down. Quality camping swags will have windows or air vents big enough to bring fresh air in but small enough to keep insects out, with included covers when you are more in favour of insulation. Go with a PVC base if you are staying on wet grounds and if you are in a hot or dry place go with a breathable material.

Size & Types

The smallest camping swag is going to be 60 to 90cm wide and 180 to 230cm long, the second size in line has the same length but its width goes from 90 to 115cm and the last one measures 110 to 130cm in width and 190 to 230cm in length. The most popular type is the traditional swag which is very light and easy to assemble and it looks like a bedroll. A newer type of swag is the dome (tunnel-shaped) swag, which is heavier and bulkier and it uses poles to keep itself steady on the ground – 4WD enthusiasts prefer it the most.