Type of Bags Every Woman Should Have

Almost every woman will agree that no number can ever be too big when it comes to bags. Besides holding our dearest and most personal items, women’s bags are considered by many as a fashion statement, and they are noticed to the extent that they can make or break a whole style. Here are three types of bags that, if you still haven’t got a hold of, you certainly need and should have. Read on for more details.

Satchel Bag

This type of bags hit the sweet spot between an everyday handbag and a work bag that can hold your notebook and iPad, while at the same time has space for your makeup and other girly essentials too. A great number of satchels for womens come with a detachable strap that allows you to choose between wearing it on your shoulder or if you prefer you can use the strap to sport a crossbody look. For more convenience and extra storage space satchels for womens come with zipped pockets on the outside and inside as well, and with an additional open pocket most often placed on the inside of the bag.

Another thing that you should know about this type of women’s bag is that it is the one that goes through most wear and tear since it is used for work gadgets and necessities. What this means is that you need to opt for one made of high-quality materials so that it can serve you for a longer period of time. Additionally, in order to better hide the marks of extensive usage, be advised to opt for darker neutral colours like black or brown, or more vibrant patterns.

Top Handle Bag

Unlike the more typical shoulder bags, top handle types of bags have a certain fashion-forward element to them. These vary in size, so you can find a smaller one that is great for smaller essentials, and you can also come across large enough to fit umbrellas and other bigger necessities you may own and need to take with you. Choose one that perfectly meets your needs and preferences. For additional convenience, many top handle bags feature an additional longer strap too.

One great use for this type of women’s bag is to complement your business style on power lunches and meetings. And, besides the more work-like styles, this bag can easily be combined with floral dresses as well, but be careful to choose the appropriate colour.


The backpack doesn’t really need a special introduction. As you are probably well aware, backpacks are worn on the back and are supported by the shoulders with two straps. Luckily, backpacks are no longer useful just for school. Today, they come in a variety of styles and designs that are made to meet many of your fashionable needs and styles.

It is recommended that you wear the backpack for more casual outings like weekend brunch or travel. They are very convenient for storage of a big number of items, and since they have double support, backpacks feel lighter even when stacked with more things.