Types of Dog Barking Control Devices and How They Work

Having a pet dog means you have a friend for life. However, to get to the phase when your dog is obedient and knows how to behave properly, you need to train it. Excessive barking might be one of the things that need to be corrected as it can be an obstacle to learning its routines and also can be irritating to neighbours. For that purpose, there are different types of devices which can help you achieve that goal nevertheless you need to deal with its constant barking or to train it to stay in the garden. With these devices, you go the extra mile for teaching your dog how to behave. Here is all the important information on the types and the way they work.

Ultrasonic Bark Control Device

One of the best solutions to stopping excessive or annoying barking is the dog barking control devices outdoor type. It has three settings: the low setting is able to detect barking in up to 5-metre area, the medium – in up to 10 metres and the high setting in up to 15 metres. It works on batteries, it is water resistant and perfect for outdoor use. It can be positioned on a fence, tree or anywhere you see fit. When it detects barking, it starts emitting an ultrasonic sound which can be heard by dogs and this makes the dog startled by the high-pitched safe and effective ultrasonic sounds, thus making the dog to stop barking. This type of dog barking control devices outdoor use can help you if your neighbour’s dog is disrupting your peace and quiet as well.


There are three types of collars specially designed to stop unwanted barking. The first one is the electronic collar or also known as the e-collar or remote training collar which detects the vibration of the vocal cords when the dog barks and then it delivers a low-level stimulation to the dog’s neck. If the dog continues barking, the stimulation levels increase.

The citronella spray collars have a small microphone in the collar so that it can sense barking. When barking is detected, the device will release plant-based citronella fragrance in the air and this fragrance is found to be very effective at reducing or stopping nuisance barking. When it is used the first time, your dog’s curiosity will make it get familiar with the new odour, but it will learn very quickly that it follows as a consequence. It is a safe, humane and painless method that will discourage your dog from barking.

The third type is the ultrasonic type and it also has a microphone to detect barking and it emits a high-pitched sound that can’t be heard by humans but is irritating to a large extent to dogs. Most of the ultrasonic models are usually paired with electronic collars to deliver first a sound, then a vibration and finally a stimulation if the behaviour continues.