Upholstery Cleaning Products: Which Ones to Choose and How to Use Them

Tough stains are the main culprits that can ruin your furniture. And removing them can be a difficult task, considering the fact that there are many cleaning products that instead of removing stains can further destroy the upholstery. Therefore, your should be careful with what kind of upholstery cleaner products you choose. There are many different types that have different properties and uses. Some are designed to gently and slowly fade away stains, while others have a fast and highly effective cleaning power that removes all kinds of stains in a matter of a few minutes. While the latter might seem like the better choice they might not be suitable for your type of upholstery furniture. So, you can end up with a ruined sofa, armchair or recliner and you will be forced to replace them with new furniture which could be expensive.

That’s why, before choosing upholstery cleaner products there are a few things to keep in mind first. Cleaners are available as liquid solvents, sprays, polishes and dry cleaners. Sprays and polishes often contain lemon oil which is known for its ability to remove tough stains. Before making a purchase, it’s essential to consider the specific type of upholstery that you will be cleaning. After all, not all types of furniture fabrics can be cleaned properly with the same upholstery cleaner.

For instance, combined upholstery can easily be damaged when cleaned with inadequate fabric cleaner. Considering the fact that this material is a combination of natural and man-made fibres, choosing the right cleaner for it is a matter of finding something that is appropriate for both kinds of fibres. A cleaning solution or solvent that is designed to gently clean upholstery will be the ideal choice in this case. It can be used to effectively clean stains, all while removing any kind of unpleasant odours from your sofa, couch or armchair.

Natural upholstery can be particularly difficult to clean since it’s highly susceptible to damage. The main mistake that homeowners make when cleaning natural upholstery is using a liquid cleaning solution. This type of furniture is made from 100% cotton, which absorbs moisture easily, so using a liquid cleaner is not only ineffective but can easily ruin the natural cotton fibres. That’s why, a better solution would be to pick a dry cleaning product that is suitable for natural materials. Another popular upholstery material is microfibre, which due to its dense structure is quite easy to clean.