Vintage Style Barstools that Can Bring Classic Elegance to Your Kitchen

With the help of some gorgeous bar stools, the counter in a kitchen can become a great alternative to a formal dining room. While modern barstools are often popular for their sleek looks, vintage bar stools are a true design classic. With their raw wooden looks, leather seats, and general rustic vibe – vintage bar stools can provide the perfect dose of warmth and depth to any kitchen.

While collectors may seek expensive rare pieces, not all vintage bar stools have to cost a fortune. Today, you can find many modern recreations of classic favourites like for instance Thonet’s bentwood bar stools Australia furniture stores sell. Most of these recreations come with modern-day features, such as adjustable height or swivel seats. You can even find creative tweaks of the classic design in new, bold colours. With a brief research, you can discover the kind of vintage bar stools that can best enhance the look of your home. To make it easier for you, here are there of the most popular types of vintage bar stools.

Bentwood Bar Stools

When it first appeared in the mid-1800s, the design of Thonet’s chairs and bar stools was light years ahead. Today, their curved arms and contoured backs instantly remind us of old Westerns which makes them perfect for the homeowner who wants his home to feel and look like from a different time. Besides the traditional Thonet design, you can find a variety of bentwood bar stools Australia wide that come with or without backrests, with upholstered seats and in many fun colours such as turquoise or yellow. Without a doubt, you’ll be able to find a design that can perfectly match the look you’re aiming for.

Button Top Bar Stools

The button top bar stool is not a brand like Thonet’s bentwood stool but nevertheless, it’s still an extremely popular vintage design. It’s a backless barstool with a long metal frame that supports a circular wooden seat. This mix of metal with wood makes the button top bar stool an especially popular choice for industrial kitchens and interiors.

Crossback Bar Stool

Another popular vintage bar stool is the crossback bar stool. Its design is instantly recognizable by its back in the form of an X, the wide seat made of rattan to provide comfort, and a natural, rich colour that harmoniously matches rustic interiors and vintage style kitchens. It pairs especially well with French provincial furniture and motifs.