How to Water Your Garden as Efficiently as Possible

Gardening is a hobby that Aussies are very passionate about, with well tended gardends dotting the landscape of every city in Australia. And there are many ways to irrigate a garden, but the old fashioned way is considered to be the most relaxing and active. But there are some ways to make it more efficient and simpler for those that are new to gardening.

Firstly by preserving the water supply, it is crucial for both the environment and your plants. The more efficient the water usage the less it’ll cost and the better it is for your plant’s roots. Roots need oxygen and water to grow, and using too much water could potentially suffocate the plant which is the same as over feeding a pet.

Additionally you could add hydrogels which are crystals that retain water, essentially sponges that sit atop the ground and distribute the water slowly. And when it comes down to equipment and chemicals it is always important to consider what you will be growing with them and how big your garden is.

The most important part of watering your plants is of course the hose. Using a normal straight hose is fine for the smaller gardens but those that have larger gardens should consider getting a retractable water hose reel. This is because retractable hoses are more compact and won’t drag along the ground damaging your more fragile plants or flowers. They are also better for protecting the hose from damage and erosion.

Furthermore for retractable water hose reels you will also want to get a nozzle with a variable pressure switch. This would also help with watering your plants efficiently to save water. And there are different watering methods for watering the plants but the most efficient is watering the soil directly with the hose. This allows the water to reach the roots easily and efficiently.

Mulch is another important factor when growing any plant. Because soils vary greatly in many areas some soils are very alkaline while others are acidic which means that you will have to choose the proper mulch to change the composition of your soil if it doesn’t fit the mineral needs of the plants you want to plant. And if you have an area with clay-rich soil you should always primarily plant in it since clay has better expanding properties therefore it can hold soil in the water better and in a more even way.