What Are the Different Types of Catering Freezers

Running a catering business calls for strategic planing, smart investments and a well organised work flow that will allow your employees to perform their job in a timely and efficient manner. As a business owner you need a great strategy that will allow you to attract new customers and as a result increase your profits and expand your customer base. Including unique offers and attractive deals to the catering services your company provides is a great way to achieve this. However, you also need to make sure all the services you provide meet and even exceed the standards for quality and performance.

Since every catering business is based around preparing a variety of meals for different venues, the goal is always have fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients at hand that your employees can use to prepare the meals. To keep all the food and ingredients fresh and properly stored you need to invest in a top quality catering freezer, which is a central element of every well equipped commercial kitchen. There are various types of catering freezers that have different features and uses.

Chest Freezers

Due to its practical design and efficient performance, a chest catering freezer can be the ideal choice for any commercial kitchen. It’s made from durable and powerful components that are all designed to operate in a highly efficient manner. This type of freezer features multiple large containers where you can store all kinds of foods. What’s more, it comes with a sturdy stainless steel lid that can provide a convenient space for preparing food.

Counter Freezers

The most attractive feature of counter freezers is their compact design which means you can place this freezer pretty much anywhere in the kitchen. This makes it ideal for commercial kitchens that have a limited amount of floor space and would therefore benefit greatly from compactly designed kitchen appliances. Counter freezers are available in different designs, so depending on your needs you can opt for a single, double or a triple door model. They are flexible in terms of storage, featuring adjustable shelves. What’s more, their stainless steel components further enhance the durability and efficiency of this type of freezer.

Upright Freezers

Designed to provide quick and convenient access to ingredients that are currently needed for your catering meals, upright freezers can instantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of your commercial kitchen. They are designed to provide ample storage space for storing all kinds of cooked and raw foods. Plus, the adjustable compartments allow you to organise the ingredients according to your specific needs.