What To Look For In a Platter

Dinning Platter

For serving food and drinks, decorating your dining table, or as an accent piece for organizing snacks on your coffee table, serving trays are without question essential accessories in any home. These not only help you serve your delicious meals in style, but can also be useful in the kitchen or bar area as the perfect spot for arranging all your drinks and have them on hand whenever you need them. Nowadays there is a vast selection of platters to choose from, from classic simple models to more elaborate and modern ones. With so many styles, picking the perfect one for you can often quite difficult having in mind that each style and design has its own beauty and specific characteristics. But no worries in this article we will go through all the things you should know before you buy platter. With the following simple steps finding the perfect platter is a piece of cake. Once you have decide on the specific features you want your platters to have, you can start your shopping journey with ease.

Consider different materials

As it defines the look and function of platters, the material is of utmost importance. Depending on your specific needs and style, you can choose between various materials. Serving platters made from wood have a classic elegant look and can be the perfect addition to your coffee table for serving coffee and tea, or for organizing your magazines for example. Metal platters are highly resistant and have a modern sophisticated look. You can clean them in a matter of seconds so they are great for serving all kinds of drinks and food.

The shape makes all the difference

Besides quality material, the shape is another essential factor to consider before you buy platter that will not just be handy but also look great on your table. Round platters, with their traditional and practical design are perfect for serving main courses and salads. For your roast dinner or golden backed veggies, oval models are just the right size and can help you easily arrange your food. Rectangular and square platters are commonly used for serving fruits, sweets and cakes, and have a modern unique design that can easily enhance the look of these tasty deserts.

Glossy finish for easy clean-up

Serving different kinds of food and beverages often cannot go without al least a few stains and spills on your platters. For this reason you should look for platers that have a special coating that will provide an easy and quick clean-up. Wooden models often come with lacquered finish that not only gives the platter a shining glossy look, but most importantly it protects the material as well.