Why Is Fishing So Addictive?

Fishing become one of the most popular sport and outdoor activity. I personally have some experience with fishing, since my husband is fisherman. He is not as passionate, but sometimes he want to go on a fishing trip and have some fun with his friends. Often, we as a family were part of those fishing trips and I can say that fishing can really be fun, especially for the kids. We often go on a picnic with our friends near the river, so our husbands and kids can enjoy fishing. I have learned few things from my husband when it comes to fishing and I can name you few answers of the question: Why is fishing so addictive?

Fishing is Addictive

Contribute to conservation. Anglers are passionate about the environment. Fishing makes them more aware of the importance of clean air and water and pride themselves on preserving and protecting our environment, valuable habitat and natural communities.

Social bonding. Sharing a fishing experiences helps strengthen relationships with friends and family. If you still haven’t went to a fishing trip with your husband and kids, you don’t know what you are missing. I love the parts when my husband have been mentoring my kids in the importance and pleasure of being good of our natural resources.

Stress relief. When I’ve asked my husband why he enjoy spending time outdoors and fishing with friends, he answered me: “Freedom”. If you pop out this question to any other angler, you will heard the same. Spending a day in fishing helps them release fromm stressful, everyday environment.

Health benefits. We are aware about the percentage of overweight people. Being active and outside helps anglers feel better and encourages a healthier way of life. Fishing can help one person’s burn those unwanted calories, add years to its life and increase the quality of its lifestyle.

Supports fisheries management and wildlife. Fishing is an important wildlife management tool. Fishermen have a vested interest in and support many efforts to protect and preserve all species while helping to increase biodiveristy.

Self fulfillment. Angling gives the anglers chance to improve their serf-esteem through achieving personal goals and mastering outdoor skills. Fishing is a lifetime activity and skill that can be enjoyed at any age. Also, participating in fishing competition gives fishermen chance to show their skills and knowledge. Even is not the most passionate angler in the world, my husband love those challenges and takes part of some fishing competition anytime he can.

Recreation. Even have a bad fishing trip, a fisherman still will have fun fishing and hanging out with other anglers. Taking part in fishing competition can also be fun. Apart you will spend wonderful time fishing, you will have chance to win some price as well.

Fishing for food. Wild fish are low in cholesterol and fat and high in protein. It is a lot more fun an challenging to catch that fresh fish rather to go in a supermarket and buy it.

Boost to the economy. Anglers want to feel useful for the environment, so they generate millions in local taxes and state and directly support thousands jobs, that gives an economic boost.

The thrill. The thrill in fishing lies in the challenge. And what can offer more challenge than fishing competition, where anglers can compete and show everything they know about fishing. For many fishermen, is not the catching of fish that is important, but the life lessons you will experience along the way.